How To Create Magento Brand Page


Free Magento Brand Page is very important. It supports to your store to get the higher rank by Google Index. In terms of this guide, we bring to you useful document relate all Brand of Product on the Brand page. You can save money and time to do it.

Magento Admin Panel

Choose Venustheme >>> Ves Brand

Add group

You have to fill all Title, Identifier, Is Active to add Group of Brand. It is easy for you to control them.


Add Brand


You fill all the black information of this brand about icon, image, position, store view

SEO: Fill Meta keyword and description for this brand

3- Brand SEO

Manage Brand


After adding magento Brand group and magento Brand, at the Brands Manage, you will see all Brands which you ‘ve added.


5-Brand configuration

you can edit the general setting, Module setting, Owl carousel Setting and information support.

If you have any question for this Free Magento Brand Page, please feel free to leave your comment here to get Feedback. Thanks for your attention.