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Have you ever taken coupons to discount from any stores? It’s so great, isn’t it? Almost store owners agree that the majority of customers will come back to their store when receiving coupons. Providing coupons codes is a great way to attract the customers and increase the customers’ loyalty. Therefore, Landofcoder create Magento 2 Coupon code Extension which is incredibly simple and convenient for the store owners.
Coupon coders generator extension for Magento 2 is a flexible tool to generate the coupon codes via email templates, variables and rules and send to a particular customer group in the blink of an eye. What is more, it supports sellers in tracking the sales campaign as well as managing coupon.
When installing Coupon code Generator, store owner firstly create a set of rules which are used to generate coupon codes with pre-defined attributes. then, proceed to generate the coupon codes and the last work is delivering them to the customers.

Magento 2 Coupon Code Generator is fully compatible with Magento Community Edition 2.0.0, 2.0.2, 2.0.4, 2.0.6, 2.0.7, 2.1.0, 2.1.x, 2.2.x

1. Generate Coupon Code Automatically

2. Include coupons into emails, newsletters, follow up email with ease
Use the shortcode on email template as this:

Folowup email variables:

{{var coupongenerator.generateCoupon(promotion-xmas-rule)}} – Generate coupon code by rule
{{var coupongenerator.getUsesPerCoupon(“coupon-alias”)}} – get uses per coupon by coupon alias
{{var coupongenerator.getCouponExpirationDate(“coupon-alias”)}} – get coupon expiration date by
{{var coupongenerator.getCouponDiscount(“coupon-alias”)}}  – get coupon discount amount by
{{var coupongenerator.getCouponCode(“coupon-alias”)}} – get coupon code by coupon alias

Newsletter email variables:

{{var subscriber.generateCoupon(promotion-xmas-rule)}} – Generate coupon code by rule
{{var subscriber.getUsesPerCoupon(“coupon-alias”)}} – get uses per coupon by coupon alias
{{var subscriber.getCouponExpirationDate(“coupon-alias”)} } – get coupon expiration date by coupon alias
{{var subscriber.getCouponDiscount(“coupon-alias”)}}  – get coupon discount amount by coupon alias
{{var subscriber.getCouponCode(“coupon-alias”)}} – get coupon code by coupon alias

3. Import promo codes in bulk

4. Export coupon code with ease

5. Track coupons usage statistic

6. Compatible with Lof Followup Email
You can use the coupon code to auto generate coupon code for followup email.

7. Allow track code log by coupon code or scan qrCode (Can use it as tracking order info)

8. Limit time to use the coupon code for a customer email address

9. Support REST API


To install Magento 2Coupon Code extension, please follow below instructions step by step:
1. Back up your web directory and store database

2. Download Magento 2 Coupon Code installation package

3. Upload content of theCoupon Code installation package to your store root folder via FTP/SFTP

4. Connect to your store root directory with SSH
cd path_to_the_store_root_folder

Run 3 commands bellow:

php -f bin/magento setup:upgrade
php -f bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
php -f bin/magento setup:di:compile

5. Flush store cache, log out from the backend and log in again

Execute the following command:

php -f bin/magento cache:clean

Or go to Backend > System > Cache Management. Click the following buttons to completely clear the store cache:

Flush Mangento Cache
Flush Cache Storage
Flush Catalog Images Cache
Flush Javascripts/CSS cache



Settings For Module

To setting for the Lof Coupon Code extension. Please go admin > Landofcoder > Coupon Code > Settings

At here we have default settings as this:


Enable Module: Enable/disable module on frontend

Barcode folder: The folder name where store coupon barcode image. Default: barcode, the real path is “pub/media/barcode“. The folder should have permission read-write

Email Sender: Email sender to use to send notification email

Email Template: Email template to use to send notification when generate coupon code.

Show list coupons on customer dashboard: Allow / Dont allow show list generated coupon codes on customer’s dashboard.

Enable Redeem Coupon On Frontend: Enable/ Disable allow redeem coupon code on frontend via widget. The option is general

Redeem Coupon Only For Customer: Enable/ Disable to check only logged in customer can redeem coupon code on frontend.

Redeem Url: The rewrite url to redeem coupon code on frontend.

Allow Send Email: Allow / Dont allow send notification email when generate coupon code

Allow Save Log When Redeem Frontend Coupon: Allow / dont allow save coupon log when redeem coupon code on frontend via widget.

Allow Track Coupon Log On Frontend: Allow/ dont allow track coupon log info on frontend by qrcode, track link.

Tracking Url: the url where will show the coupon log detail (include order info if the coupon code was generated on order successfull page)

Manage Coupon Rule

Manage Coupon Codes

Generate Coupon Codes

Manage Coupon Code Logs

Use Coupon Sales Report

Use couponcode for Lof Followup email

Use couponcode for Newsletter


How to use coupon code as tracking order info?

We can the lof coupon code extension to generate qrcode, barcode type 39 on the order successful page. Then can scan barcode, qrcode, or input the coupon code to track order info.


Redeem coupon code on Order Successful page:

Scan qrcode to track order info:

To do it, please follow there steps:

1, Go to admin > Content > Widget. Add new widget instance type “Lof Redeem Coupon Form”

2, Then config the page you where the widget will show on frontend. At here we choose “One Page checkout sucessfull page”

3, Config the widget settings as this:


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