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Getting Started


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Magento 2 Out Of Stock Notification is fully compatible with Magento Community Edition 2.0.0, 2.0.2, 2.0.4, 2.0.6, 2.0.7, 2.1.0, 2.1.x

1. Customer can easily subscribe notification for
Out of Stock Product
Sale Off Product
Change Price Product
New Product

2. Notify customers by:
– Product
Product stock status
Price changes
– Category
Add New Product

3. Notify By Email Automatically or Manually
You can choose to notify the customer by email automatically or manually. Automatic email sending will save your time if you have thousands of subscribers.

4. Customizable Email Template
Moreover, our magento 2 out of stock notifications allow you to customize email template as your demands.

5. Subscribe specific products or group of products
Let customer subscribe specific products or group of products based on category.

6. Manage the list of subscribers easily
You can manage your subscribers with ease. And you can filter subscriber based on products.

7. Display stock alert in a popup or on a page
With our magento 2 out of stock notification, you can show stock alert in a popup or on any page as you want.

8. Display notification any page
The extension supports you to display on product list, product page, category page, search page.

9. Choose to subscribe or unsubscribe with ease
On your site, customer can opt-in to receive notifications as they want.

10. All Product Types Supported
Simple products
Configurable products
Grouped products
Bundle products
Bundle Product


To install Magento 2 Product Notification extension, please follow below instructions step by step:
1. Back up your web directory and store database

2. Download Magento 2 Product Notification installation package

3. Upload content of the Product Notification installation package to your store root folder via FTP/SFTP

4. Connect to your store root directory with SSH
cd path_to_the_store_root_folder

Run 3 commands bellow:

php -f bin/magento setup:upgrade
php -f bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
php -f bin/magento setup:di:compile

5. Flush store cache, log out from the backend and log in again

Execute the following command:

php -f bin/magento cache:clean

Or go to Backend > System > Cache Management. Click the following buttons to completely clear the store cache:

Flush Mangento Cache
Flush Cache Storage
Flush Catalog Images Cache
Flush Javascripts/CSS cache

Video Guide To Install Magento 2 Out of Stock Extension


How To Configure Product Notification

1. General
Admin Panel > Product > Settings (under LOF Product Notifications)

Under LandOfCoder section, choose Product Notification


– General Settings: Enable/disable product notification
– Product Alerts
+) Alert Email Sender:
+) Allow Alert When Product Price Changes
+) Disable Subscribe for Guest
+) Price Alert Email Template: choose Price Alert or Stock Alert
+) Allow Alert When Product Comes Back in Stock
+) Disable Subscribe for Guest
+) Stock Alert Email Template
– Product Alerts Run Settings
+) Frequency: Daily/Weekly/Monthly
+) Start Time
+) Error Email Recipient
+) Error Email Sender
+) Error Email Template: choose Cron Error Warning or Stock Alert
2. Out of Stock Notification

Admin Panel > Product > Out of Stock Notification

For each product you want to add/view notification, click on Edit under Action column

+) Product: display product notified by customer
+) Customer: display customer(s) who sent notification
+) Subscriber Email
+) Subscriber Name
+) Message
+) Subscribed On
+) Send Count
+) Website
+) Status: enable/disable to display notification on product page

3. Price Notification
Admin Panel > Products > Price Notifications (under LOF Product Notification)

For each product you want to add/view notification, click on Edit under Action column

Steps for Price Notification remains similar to Out of Stock Notification


4. Report
Admin Panel > Products > Report (under LOF Product Notification)

In this section, you can view the information of subscribed products to receive notification about price change and stock change.